AJ Liquid Waste Haulers, LLC provides Central Texas with reliable septic, grease, brewery & distillery waste removal.

Why Choose AJ Liquid Waste Haulers?

  • AJ Liquid Waste Haulers leave your septic tank clean.
    • Our trucks are outfitted with special equipment to emulsify the waste inside the septic tank and pump it out.
  • AJ Liquid Waste Haulers only charged for the waste we remove from your tanks.
    • Our trucks are equipped with an electronic solid state gallon meter.
  • AJ Liquid Waste Haulers can reach septic tanks that others can’t.
    • Our high efficiency, environmentally-friendly vacuum pumps and 300 feet of suction hose.
  • AJ Liquid Waste Haulers dispose of all waste at TCEQ approved locations that comply with all local and state regulations.
    • We care about the environment.

All septic systems require pumping.

Even with the best of care, solids accumulate and when they reach a certain level, they need to be pumped out.  Left inside the septic system, the level of operation degrades, and the system is unable to treat the water efficiently. This forces your septic system to work extra hard and can result in costly repairs.

Our Services

We provide pumping and removal of these common waste products:

Septic pumping
septic tank

Brewery (Beer) waste pumping

Winery waste pumping

Distillery waste pumping

Commercial grease pumping


Rely on AJ Liquid Waste Haulers!

Our Service Area

  • Austin
  • Blanco
  • Buda
  • Canyon Lake
  • Kyle
  • Lakeway
  • San Marcos
  • Wimberley
AJ Septic & Grease Service Area Map
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